C4 Consulting is proud to work with an international clientele to solve their organizational development issues. With a team of highly trained organizational development consultants, C4 Consulting provides a suite of services that deliver results reflected in both the bottom-line and a thriving corporate culture.

Core competencies focused on supporting improved individual and global performance include human resource and organizational needs analyses, performance and change management consulting, leadership and team development strategies, strategic analysis and executive coaching. Definitive benchmarking techniques measure success and provide reference points for further improvement.

C4 Consulting has a solid track record in the development of custom corporate training tools. Its instructional designers can create unique, exciting instructional materials that reflect corporate culture and create solid foundation for staff growth.

C4 Consulting excels in aligning people with the needs of their organizations, while shaping organizations to support the needs of their people. Only services that deliver tangible results of improved performance in an organization and its people, are worthy of consideration. 

Cheryl Thomas works collaboratively with a wide range of clients to identify issues and develop action plans to meet the challenges of managing change and/or resolving organizational leadership or governance issues. Since 1986, she has consulted to over 250 organizations in the public and private sectors across Canada, the U.S., Venezuela and the Middle East.

Cheryl consults with corporate and government executives to identify organizational issues and facilitates organizational meetings, forums, workshops, and retreats dealing with complex and controversial issues. She is an expert in team development and designs and delivers management-level professional development programs in strategic management, leadership, team building, strategic planning, performance management, change management and effective communication. She is a regular contributor to business magazines and newspapers; and, has sat as an executive Board member of a mortgage investment company and a real estate development company.

Cheryl was the founder and Co-Director and professor of the Sharif University of Technology International MBA program and has been an associate professor in Creative Leadership, Change Management, Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Design, Communication and Teamwork, and International Human Resource Management at several Canadian universities and colleges. She has been appointed as International Faculty for Target Training International, working on large international contracts and was one of the inaugural HR Fellows with MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates), internationally acknowledged as leaders in micro-finance .

Cheryl has also been very active in community development and non-profit activities. She has served for several years on provincial and local Economic Development Boards, receiving several awards for her volunteer work. She served as the Chair of the Harbourside Rotary Foundation and has been a member of Harbourside Rotary from 1997; and, was a member of the Dubai Rotary Club from 2005 – 2009.

Cheryl holds a Master of Science degree in Management with a Specialty in Organizational Behavior from California American University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from the University of Alberta. She also is a Certified Behaviour, Motivators, Acumen and Emotional Intelligence Analyst.